New Winter, 2023 iPhone Photography Workshops 

Beginner/intermediate iPhone photography workshops are now being offered.

These programs will focus on discovering your creativity through exploring and perfecting, the use of the powerful, iPhone camera!  

--Learn to use professional quality iPhone photography apps that let you photograph and edit your images to send to friends, post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or print. 

--We will demonstrate the virtues of the iPhone’s camera and download helpful iPhone camera and filter apps. You will also learn how to use your iPhone camera to capture, edit and process beautiful photographs indoors and outdoors.

The beautiful, SW Gulf Coast contains a wealth of people, wildlife, seascapes, beach, boating, and landscape photo opportunities. During the workshop, iPhone photographers will have one-on-one instruction, group feedback, and/or have opportunities to explore and create on your own. 

Sign up for a half-day workshop (4 hours), and learn how to use this iPhone camera. By the time the workshop is over, you will be able to go home and use your iPhone camera/apps with technical and creative proficiency. You will be amazed and delighted at your success!

The workshops will include:
This new iPhone photography will focus on exploring the features of the powerful iPhone camera! You will also have one-on-one instruction, group feedback, and learn/explore the following:

  • Basic iPhone Android (e.g. Samsung, Pixel, etc.) camera tools and techniques
  • Learn to download apps
  • Learn photo filtering techniques via popular iPhone apps
  • Learn basics of color, mood and composition
  • Learn post processing of photographs
  • An outdoor 2-hour photo shoot at Venice Beach and fishing pier
  • iPhone/Mobile Program/Photo Shoot Requirements:
  • Participants should know how to use their iPhone Apple account (need to set-up an account username, password) and the Apple App store, to possibly upload a few new iPhone photography apps. Some of these apps are free, while others cost no more than $2-$4
  • It is also strongly recommended that you have a fully charged iPhone, and have at least an Apple IOS 11 (operating system), or the newest version (preferable), IOS 12.1.4 IOS (Apple Operating System your iPhone.)

Instructor: Judith Rosall is a creativity coach, and a professional Fine Art Photographer. Judith has been creating unique, fine art photography over the past 20+ years. She shoots with both an DSLR digital camera, and an iPhone. She also photographs in a studio, and outdoor environments. Judith utilizes a wide variety of subjects, including the human figure, seascapes, wildlife and landscapes.

Workshop Program Apple/iPhone Requirements: Please bring a fully charged iPhone, with latest IOS version.  You will also be using your Apple Store (need an Apple ID, and the Apple store activated).  

Workshop and Photo Shoot Locations:   Venice, FL and Venice Beach and Fishing Pier, Venice, FL  (**Please contact WildCherry Studio for specific meeting location.)

 If you have any questions regarding the iPhone photography workshop, please call Judi at 941-882-5390.

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