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J Rosall, a Florida-based, fine arts photographer and installation artist, has been creating a unique body of work over the past 20+ years. Known for her abstract and sensual interpretations of the human figure, Rosall continues to explore digital and iPhone photography, video and 3-D shadow box art.

Rosall's initial work focuses on figurative, and related theatrical concept, utilizing photography (including the digital, film and the iPhone) as a form of contemporary and vintage theater. With the use of theatrical props and implied narratives, Rosall's figurative photographs are staged, representing a call back to the original Tableaux Vivants (or Living Pictures) of yesteryear.  

Rosall's Tableaux Vivants series are comprised of small, staged stories photographed in both classical and contemporary compositions. Rosall believes Tableaux Vivants should be considered an art form in their own right, shifting between the theatrical and the pictorial, between performance and silence, history and vivid presence.

Rosall emphasizes that her photographs are poised somewhere between performance and static immobility. "Myths, fantasies, erotica, and passion are explored in the direction of the gaze, the gesture, guises and disguises," says Rosall. 

As Rosall continues to use the formal influences of staged theater - she hopes to conceptualize and incorporate newer versions of both classical and contemporary fine art influences to the ever evolving montage of digital and mobile iPhone visual mediums, which include outdoor, natural sea and landscapes, as it relates to yesteryear, and the present day. 

According to Rosall, she is currently offering a new series of iPhone (beginner and advanced)  photography workshops, and a number of community photography and creativity instructional programs. Next year, WildCherry Studio will also be offering iPhone Photogaphy retreats in beautiful Florida, and New Mexico.

Professional Background:

Rosall has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Photo Journalism, with a minor in Art History from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has also studied with a variety of noted, fine art photographers (e.g. Kim Weston, Standish Lawder, Grant Leighton, Paul Schroder) based in Denver, CO, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA and Santa Fe, NM. In addition, Rosall holds a Master's degree in Telecommunications and Business Administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder. 

Rosall also has shown her work in a number (5 years) of solo, fine art gallery shows, while being a long-standing, member/curator at the Core New Art Space Gallery, in Denver, Colorado. She has won a numerous of Best-of-Show and Honorable Mention awards from various fine art gallery shows in the Denver, CO area. Her base of collectors span the U.S. and Europe.
J Rosall

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